Coverage / 17 June 2016
The new sky 1 series will be titled “Louie Spence Taxi Driver”
Louie Spence has found that his show business bookings have somewhat slowed down, so he's landed himself a prestigious new job 'just as an insurance policy' – driving a mini cab around Harlow in Essex.

To prepare for this momentous change in career, Louie has taken a real minicab driving test, got himself a proper private operators license and been offered a real job by Metro Cars in Harlow - where he is preparing to launch himself onto an unsuspecting local public as a regular taxi driver.  

Louie will be picking up and dropping off real punters, sometimes following them on to interesting jobs, nights out or dates - whether that's training with a gorgeous footballer, going greyhound racing or getting a spray tan from one of his rides.  Add in to this the potential for the odd celebrity passenger, a tempestuous and often flirtatious relationship with Metro cars' radio dispatch operator and the day-to-day shenanigans of a real-life taxi office, and you've got a recipe for a joyous and fun mix of real-world actuality and Louie's traditional break out 'happenings'.

Premiering on Sky this Summer 2016

Coverage / 01 January 2016
The new Metro office will be located at the Harlow town train station.
Commuters will no longer need to wait for transport in bad weather conditions simply walk in, book a car and track its progress from the reception area whilst refreshing yourself with a tea or coffee. This will immensely benefit commuters as Metro provides the cheapest fares in Harlow

Coverage / 01 June 2015
The new Metro App takes lead on IOS and Android. Metro Cars have created an ever more efficient way to book a car when you need it. Now call us straight from your Mobiles home screen. Visit on your mobile phone and add to the phones home screen for our latest offers

Metro Cars: Metro Cars & The Princess Alexandra Hospital
Coverage / 01 April 2015
Metro Cars have won an advertising campaign and will offer a priority service within the Harlow Hospital under contract this has come at an excellent time and will immensely benefit visitors by providing a reliable & speedy service

Metro Cars: Metro Cars £80,000 Technology

Coverage / 01 March 2015
Metro Cars have just invested £80,000 in the latest in-car and HQ technologies providing the local area with an increasingly efficient and on time service you can trust

Metro Cars: Harlow Council Bus Lane Award

Coverage / 01 December 2014
Metro Cars have just been awarded the right to use all local Bus Lanes within Harlow to improve the efficiency provided to customers during peak times of the day

Metro Cars: Win Harlow Harvey Centre Contract
Coverage / 08 October 2014
Metro Cars have won an exclusive pickup point contract within the Harvey Centre and are now ready to support a £10 Million redevelopment opening soon on the first floor

Metro Cars: Metro Cars Free Phone Service
Coverage / 01 September 2014
Metro Cars have teamed up with 40 partners including Supermarkets, Pub’s ,Restaurants and Hotels to provide the local area with a convenient FREE PHONE service. Metro guarantee their customers a car in under 10 minutes

Metro Cars: £1000 Cash Giveaway
Coverage / 01 August 2014
Metro Cars will be giving 3 random and very lucky customers £1000 in Cash just for using their service. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to show Harlow they truly care about the customers who choose to use them

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